You have to be careful what you say in a forum like this. I'm pretty much left to your mercy when all you see from me is words and letters. Interpretation of my intent is left up to you. I do usually try to consider that it is the reader's mood more so than my own that determines how my thoughts are received. But I can see how it would be easy for someone who's having a bad day to turn a perfectly fun line of text into smart-alack sarcasm. I usually try to tell you if something is intended to be tongue-in-cheek.

Last night a friend mentioned to me that something I wrote here was being discussed on another blog. Then they told me not to read it. They said it would make me mad. So I didn't. I doubt that I would have gotten angry over it though. I most always try to consider that most folks who share their opinions online and from a distance typically only know bits and pieces about whatever it is they're discussing - even though they usually post as though they have all the details from a reliable source. I'm sure they mean no harm. I hope they don't. Their situation is much like mine. I can't read their spirit, just their words.

UPDATE at 8:00 PM

After saying all of that stuff about the easiness of misreading the intent of words online, I read what I wrote and it sounded sorta short. Maybe my reading mood and my writing mood are not synched up. I hope you understand.

I'm grateful for friends who take the time to ask how things are going and show their love. I also appreciate the opportunity to share the things that are on my mind. That's the point of this journal.


Lora said...

I have no idea what anyone would be saying about you or anything you've written other being inspired. Some people, I'm finding out, have nothing better to do than to rag on people who publicly represent Christ. Can you imagine the nonsense that Jesus' disciples would have had to put up with had they been dealing with internet frenzies? I'd have loved to read some of Paul's blogs! Wait...I do believe I can...he DID write them. :)

I can't imagine what started this "conversation", but never you mind. Keep writing. I love the delightful, funny, encouraging, human, down to earth, making-his-place-in-this-world man that you are.

People who aren't willing to step out on their own are content to despise and tear down those who are. I'd rather be one who is willing...than one of the internet couch potatoes who slice and dice the others.

I'm in good company.

Love you! Mean it!

Elaine Harcourt said...

I have discovered that I have to be very careful in what I write because it will outlive me!

Wade said...

Kenny... Don't pay any attention to the ppl that enjoy playing God. I could go on and on but that flat spot on my head is starting to bleed!! God Bless Ya... Wade

Rachel Ellis said...

Kenny,Just keep doing what you're doing. I enjoy your journal writing. Everyone has opinions, and that's what makes the world go round. We miss seeing and hearing you sing in person, so this is one way to keep up on the latest. We love you and we mean it. Rachel