renewed and refocused

This space has been quiet for a long time, several years in fact. As posts are added to this blog, I'll try to explain. If you start here and scroll back through the last several years of my words, you'll notice some pretty distinct shifts in where I was then and where I am now. I've thought a lot, read a lot, and of course prayed a lot over the last handful of years about who God is, who I am, and how I, and people like me, get to fit into the big plan God has for us. I've talked to a lot of thoughtful thinkers, terrific teachers, powerful preachers, angry agnostics and sensitive searchers. They all have a take on God and the scriptures that is purely personal to who they are, and they've left me wondering if I should be so settled in my own way of believing. So, with all of that, I've considered and reconsidered some of the things I thought I was already pretty sure about. We'll talk about some of those things here. Some of these posts will be blog posts, some will be transcripts of sermons I've delivered. I'll try to designate them as they are posted. Thanks for hanging with me. -Kenny