hi, god

Hi, God.

I should probably apologize and ask forgiveness before I do anything else. I’ve not noticed you like I should. I’m sorry. I’ve probably missed the point of a million pretty things and a thousand precious moments along the way. And I’m quite confident I’ve enjoyed a lot of goodies at your bidding without even considering how kind you are. I really am sorry – and thanks.

I wonder sometimes what kind of an influence I am. I wonder what my coworkers and my friends and especially my kids and the others I love think about you because of me. As much as I want to represent and mimic you and your approach to things, I think I do it wrong a lot. I probably owe them all an apology for being such a mishmashed example sometimes, and one to you for misrepresenting your heart. Saying out loud that I’m a Christian probably carries a whole lot more responsibility than I’ve been giving it.

I've been meaning to thank you for the cheaper car insurance. Better coverage too! Thanks!!

I’ve been a bad Republican. I don’t know if that requires a confession or not. But I mention it just in case. I’m having trouble figuring out the wealthy/needy equation. People with lots and people with little living so close to each other… I get mixed up on whose side Jesus is on. I do think though that some of your people are kinda getting distracted - making hay for horses that ain’t hungry. Not that I'd be a better Democrat. I don’t know for sure what a Tea Partier is. I'll beg your indulgence on that one.

I felt really bad the other day at church. The guy sitting about three seats down was bouncing his leg like a pogo stick. I think he was nervous. But the whole row shook and it got on my nerves. I could’a been a better worshipper, but I was being jostled. No doubt, the sermon was spot on, but I was distracted. I probably shouldn’t have, but I stared at him till he stopped – for a while. I think I made him more uncomfortable. I hope he comes back this Sunday. I'll do better. Nudge him if you will.

I said the word fool back on April first. Mom always said we shouldn’t. Wanted you to know.

Speaking of bad words, I cursed the gas prices this week. Well, it really wasn’t a curse word. But it was one I wouldn’t want Mom to hear passing my lips. I don’t know what the point was anyway. It’s not like numbers have souls. I certainly didn’t mean it as a curse on the people who rob, er’ decide what we pay. I don’t want anyone to go to hell. I don’t think anyone heard me, but when the pump stopped and the total jumped out on me like that chainsaw guy at the end of the haunted forest, I just blurted it out. I really am sorry.

I’ve had a lot of meals lately without thanking you for the bounty. So I thank you now with incredible and sincere appreciation.

I plan to wake up tomorrow. Thanks in advance for the fun, and my apologies for the mess.

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TweetinGrandma said...

I used to follow you & The Bishops around, well it was me and a few of my Christian Sister friends that Absolutely loved yalls singing, but loved the holy ghost filled all up in it more.. Many a things have changed in my life since We last saw you Brothers in Christ. By the way, that last time was in Good Ole Gatlinburg, TN...Yep, my sisters in Christ & I always Took us a sabatical away from all our fun, play & husbands back home😊 Nah, not really...but the husband Thang is true..lol Ok..Anywho, We're in Gatlinburg, and planned our "Sabatical" around the same time that The Bishops were in Gatlinburg, too.. We ALWAYS kept track of where our Favorite Gospel Group would be performing. So sure nuff, We headed that way, and we couldn't wait til That Saturday Night to come hear yall sing praises to Our Great Lord.. I even saw you on the street earlier in the day, and I'd always ask, "Hey, Do you remember me (to which my "Sisters" always cracked up at, cause I asked you, Mark & your Dad All that same question EVERY TIME I SAW YALL IN CONCERT...Which btw Was A LOT) Ok...back to seeing yall Saturday night... Well, yall were "Singing" at The River Terrace Hotel - Convention Room, to a group of "MARRIED COUPLES", Yea...that's what I said... lol.. So, me & All 8 of My Sisters in The lord, walk right up to the front row of Empty Chairs, that looked like they had been reserved for us, I mean We did buy tickets & came all the way from Rome, Georgia to see you.. So we just assumed (yep) That those were RESERVED for us, so we had a seat.. Y'all were just starting to sing, and we were all so Thankful & excited to be there. Then you stand up, start telling the fine folks how yall sure did appreciate being asked to perform at their marriage retreat (Hand to God, that was the first Me (the pastors wife of all my sisters) and my sisters had heard of the "Marriage Retreat"...smh... They all looked at me, and I looked at them, and our faces turned red, and just as we were looking up, Here yall go busting into "Jezebel", Well Son, Me & the Sisters cracked up, and Just as yall ed started to sing YALL CRACKED UP TOO... But, yall pulled yourselves together, and we did too.. & Turns out that God Blessed Us All Real Good that night. I Don't quite know when or why yall aren't the Gospel Singing "The Bishops" Anymore, but I'm sure that Our Heavenly Father knows all about it.. I still Love & Listen to yall Singing when My Heart Needs A Blessing. WORKS EVERY TIME☺.. I know this story was long, but I just had to REMIND YOU, and ask you One last time, "Hey kenny, Do you Remember Me?" God Bless You, My Brother In Christ..